Let me introduce myself

My name is Heather Chang. I'm a California native, but currently reside in New York (I get the best of both worlds, from the best Mexican food in San Diego to the whole shebang in NYC!). I graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Advertising and Psychology and am currently working as an Art Director at Palio in NYC.


As a creative enthusiast and an endlessly curious human being, I am always trying to understand more about how the world around me works and how to best relay that information in an artistically and aesthetically pleasing manner, while at the heart driving effective communication. Developing a relationship with your target audience has never been so important, as brands have become an integral part of consumers' lifestyles and identities. In an age where each consumer is now constantly bombarded by millions of companies competing for his/her sole attention, cutting through the clutter essentially boils down whether or not the brand can offer one thing: value.

"'Is what I'm creating adding something to someone's life? Is it useful, entertaining, or beautiful?" --R/GA

Offering valuable content is what attracts consumers, not cheap gimmicks or showy but shallow campaigns. Today, brands must be authentic and develop relationships with consumers that provide valuable content and products. This will generate and foster a powerful, lasting, and effective relationship between brand and customer.

My goal is to create beautiful work through multiple channels that will inspire this value. I believe in the power of art and design. Art is not simply a way to express ourselves, but design can truly act as a catalyst for changing minds, behaviors, and even the world for the better. 


I like to spend my time immersing myself in ways that will help bring about inspiration. I love developing my own sense of fashion style by regularly thrifting. I'm also really into listening to and finding new music; my musical taste is pretty broad, ranging from Radiohead to M83 to John Legend. I'm a huge foodie and will eat just about anything, but I will always go back to Mexican and Japanese food as my favorites. And because I have a funny bone, Modern Family, The Office, and Parks and Recreation are right up my alley--quirky and smart humor is my thing.


1. "Is Jeremy Lin married to Brooke Lin?" (Side note: apparently not anymore).
2. On eating eating Shake Shack: "I shook Shaq."
3. On drinking lychee soju: "So...ju saying this soju is infused with lychees?"
4. On New York: "Why is it called New York when it's almost 400 years old?"
5. On green grass: "The grass is always greener...when you give it plenty of water for proper nourishment." 
6. On being cooked steak: "The steaks have been raised." (Side note: Revisiting this one, I could've gone for "braised" as well...I made a big miss-steak missing that opportunity.)
7. On fondue: "How do you fon(due)?"
8. On a young boy performing in Washington Square Park: "The kid was washing-the-square clean with his moves."
9. Commenting on forgiveness through a photo of bridge and water: "It's okay...it's all water under the bridge."




e: heathercchang@gmail.com
li: linkedin.com/in/heatherchang
s: @heathernether