canon MAXIFY


For my senior Advertising capstone, my team and I had the opportunity to work with Canon MAXIFY, Canon's line of printers targeted toward small business owners, as a client. Toasty is an advertising agency created with three of my colleagues for our ADV 425 Integrated Advertising Campaigns capstone course. 

TOASTY | With a specialization in small businesses, Toasty is an independent, privately-owned advertising agency founded by Erin Miller in September 2015. Our office is conveniently located in New York City, one of the largest startup hubs in the country. Every day we are immersed in a exciting culture of entrepreneurship.




Research, research, and more research. We researched the scope of small business owners and startups through secondary and primary research including observations, focus groups, surveys, and in-depth interviews. Our research led us to a unique opportunity niche: startup and small business restaurants. This led us to our insight:



MAGAZINE | Toasty will run print ads in magazines popular with restaurant and small business magazines, like Entrepreneur and Restaurant Business Magazine. These humorous ads will feature small business owners’ substantial milestones displayed on digital devices and then framed to be shown off. The copy will read “Print or it didn’t happen” and the call to action “Check out Canon MAXIFY at canonmaxify.com”.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 11.33.40 AM.png

VIDEO SPOTS | These 15-second spots will poke fun at a world gone digital and emphasize how not everything should be digital. These will be shown on television, and will serve as video content on Facebook because their playful and intuitive nature make these ads highly shareable



MOBILE APP | According to primary research, startup and small restaurant owners are always looking for more efficient ways to manage their operations. We will create MenuMAX, a mobile app designed to help them seamlessly create and print their own menus at their convenience. The app connects to their MAXIFY printer, furthering its convenience for busy startup and small restaurant owners


CAMPAIGN WEBSITE | Visually simple, the Canon MAXIFY website directs users to view products, consume video and print content, and learn about the campaign’s promotional programs


SOCIAL MEDIA | Social media is critical to increasing Canon MAXIFY’s reach to our target. Placing sponsored ads on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will allow Canon to reach restaurant startup and small restaurant owners most effectively as these four platforms are used the most frequently by our target.



SPONSORSHIPS | Canon has the opportunity to reach restaurant startup and small restaurant owners by sponsoring events such as Small Business Saturday and restaurant conventions. Many cities host restaurant conventions, such as Taste of Times Square and Taste of Dallas. Sponsoring such events will give Canon the ability to become the voice of these types of conventions and will leave a lasting impression with the target audience.

PARTNERSHIPS | Secondary and primary research has shown that obtaining capital is one of the largest challenges that restaurant startups and small restaurants face. Due to such, Canon must partner with accelerators across the nation in order to help restaurant startup and small restaurant owners obtain the funding that they need. They also have the opportunity to incorporate their mentor program into this idea, which would position Canon as a compassionate brand. Showing that they celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit will not only attract the target segment, but also add to the brand’s personality as well.

INK SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM | In order to remain competitive, Canon must establish an ink subscription program given the fact that its largest competitor, HP, enacts this. Additionally, primary research has shown that individuals are interested in such a program. The program would provide financial deals to emerging restaurant businesses and existing small restaurants that need it. Further, it provides this segment with another incentive to purchase the MAXIFY printers. Lastly, this helps to position Canon as a brand that is looking to help small business owners without explicitly saying it in the same way all other advertisers targeting small business owners do. The action of implementing the program speaks louder than merely stating they are there to help.

MENTORSHIP IMPROVEMENT | Toasty believes that the MAXIFY mentor program is a strong idea, however the execution can be improved. Preliminary thoughts have led Toasty to decide that restaurant startups and small restaurant owners can purchase a Canon MAXIFY printer to enter the application pool into the program. Canon can team up with passionate culinary and business stars to mentor the accepted applicants. Toasty believes employing people such as Robert Irvine and Bobby Flay would be beneficial because they share a similar passion as the entrepreneurs. Moreover, stars such as these two men have an interest in helping failing/emerging businesses or supplying tips to green people in the industry. Lastly, the application process will be rather competitive and the program relatively small so as to maintain personal connections between the small restaurant owners/restaurant startups and mentors.