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Warby Parker was once at the cutting-edge of the eyewear industry for its revolutionary Home-Trial method, which capitalized on the Millennial market that is constantly online. Instead of having potential consumers go through the inconvenience of visiting stores to try on frames, they would instead send over 5 frames that the consumer picked out to try on at home. While this was once a revolutionary approach to the eyewear market, since then, Warby Parker has had numerous clones that made it lose relevance in the market. For my ADV 523 Digital Branding and Strategy class, my group and I were given the task of rejuvenating this brand that was once cutting-edge but has now lost its unique proposal.




  • 18-24/All gender/Fashion forward/Price-conscious/Tech-savvy/Live and breathe social media/Coexist in digital and brick and mortar

INSIGHT 1: Glasses are now a fashion accessory to express one’s personal style
According to our survey, 24 respondents said that design is the most important feature in purchasing eyewear, with price being the runner up. Glasses durability, friend recommendation, and optometrist recommendation were the other options but most respondents strongly stated that fashion is the ultimate tipping point in purchase decision. We want to capitalize on this insight and make Warby Parker the most fashion-forward prescription eyewear that values quality and reasonable consumer-conscious pricing.

INSIGHT 2: Consumers want to engage with brands on a digital platform
Although our target consumer encountered Warby Parker advertisements on digital platforms, our survey showed 80% of respondents do not follow Warby Parker online. This shows that Warby Parker currently fails to communicate effectively with the target audience in an attractive way for consumers. Warby Parker’s current social media content versus other competitor like EyeBuyDirect and Made Eyewear have no differentiation. We want to change Warby Parker’s mundane personality and rebrand it on social platforms in order to help it stand out from competitors.

INSIGHT 3: Tech-savvy consumers rely on digital convenience
According to our survey and secondary research, our target audience is driven to e-commerce because of its wide online selection and convenience. We want to emphasize that Warby Parker is the brand that offers not only the products that are fashionable and price-conscious, but also that it is consumer-focused in the service they provide such as the “home try-on” service.

Today’s top fashion retailers are those aligning themselves with the fast-fashion movement, a movement that provides consumers with trending pieces for affordable pieces. Eyewear once was viewed as a purchase completed only out of of necessity, but more recently eyewear has evolved as a fashion accessory. No longer are people wearing one frame for several years; frames are used to accentuate certain styles and looks. Warby Parker was once a leader in the affordable optical frame industry, but since 2013, it has faced multiple competition from newly emerged brands with similar offerings. In order to differentiate itself from these Warby Parker clones, Warby Parker must reposition itself. It has the opportunity to align itself as the Topshop of the eyewear market--a high quality and affordable outlet that provides stylish prescription eyewear.


SNAPCHAT | The Warby Parker Snapchat execution will involve geotag filters for Warby Parker glasses for any Snapchat user that is in 5-10 miles radius of the Warby Parker brick-and-mortar store. This marketing effort is tapping into awareness and advocacy funnels as it creates social network visibility and generates earned shares.


INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK | Location-based sponsored advertising is becoming a prominent form of marketing time-sensitive promotions.Warby Parker would benefit from creating local partnerships with personal beauty services like hair salons and barbershops. On Facebook, we created enticing image-based promotions that would have limited viewability by location and partnership. Here, we have a limited-time offer for a discounted haircut at Supercuts which is a 5-minute drive from the Warby Parker location in San Diego.


SMS | Inspired by Quartz/Snapchat, this location-based promotion sends SMS marketing to consumers offering them free/discounted deals to local partnerships (beauty services, museums, book stores, food places, etc.) This SMS execution is a direct marketing approach for current Warby Parker customers and taps into the consideration funnel.


ZAGG LOYALTY PROGRAM | In order to tap into retention, advocacy, and awareness funnels all at once, Warby Parker will introduce a new loyalty program called ZAGG. According to Ink.com, 50% of foot traffic and sales are driven by word of mouth, so we want consumers to advocate Warby Parker to their friends and get various incentives for themselves.

After purchasing frames from Warby Parker, you gain access to ZAGG, a loyalty program that will offer you special discounts. Additionally, after referring friends who then purchase from Warby Parker, you unlock exclusive benefits like access to pre-season frames, free two-day delivery, and attendance to Warby Parker events. These exclusive incentives will encourage consumers to purchase multiple frames for themselves and spread word of mouth. Furthermore, it will build retention as the sense of being ZAGG will create a sense of belonging to bigger group of Warby Parker consumers. However, ZAGGs do not get all of these benefits at one time. Using gamification as an influence, ZAGGs can unlock more benefits if one refers Warby Parker to more friends. This execution will be measurable by tracking links such as “who told you about this,” linked emails, SMS, or applications.


POP-UP EVENTS | Our target consumer lives in the holistic environment with digital and brick and mortar. To meet Warby Parker consumers where they interact, we will create various pop-up stores during local festivals or events at places where Warby Parker already has their brick-and-mortar stores, focusing mainly on California and New York City. This pop-up store event incorporates emerging technology like Vufine, Google glass or location specific partnerships to make the experience for visitors more entertaining and share-worthy on social media. These pop-up stores will raise awareness of the brand through physical visibility as well as earned media such as PR and social media.